I have a question....

I'm not sure how it works, I know when I was in the Marines soam guys were busted doin drugs, some got a Big Chicken Dinner, amin discharge and I even saw some that only had company NJP. I think it is a automatic discharge now. Zero tolerance
For those that do not know...a big chicken dinner is a Bad Conduct Discharge.

I believe all services have zero tolerance policy on drugs. Yes, most of the time its a administrative discharge such as a general other than honorable conditions. The Air Force had a policy of one mistake which was punished by article 15 or special courtsmartial for e-4s and below..and e-5 and above received an automatic dismisal from the service.

A homie of mine serving in the USN stationed in LaMad, Italy, on Emory S.Land ship, failed a drug test. He had wife and kids living here with him. Small traces of marijuana were found in his urine and he was immediately dismissed without chance of reinstatement and sent back home to TX along with his nice happy family.
Hey they handle nuclear submarines downthere :shock: , so I guess they did the rite thing.