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I had to do a 1500 word one for falling asleep during a safety briefing, I filled out the last 70% of it with the lyrics to every country song I could think of. :lol:
Seems to me you could use HOOAH every other word and you would only have to write 750 words.

I was always under the impression that it was spelled HUA. HUA = Head Up A**

If you notice, combat arms have thier own language, specific to MOS:

Infantry = HUA
Artillery= CHECK
Armor, Scouts= ROGER

they all basically mean "yes".
:lol: :lol: :lol: That's great!

I once had to give a 2 min briefing on "Why what goes up must come down." For exactly 2 minutes no more no less and no prep time. I made up some stuff about the history of cliches and the physics of gravity I think. :shock:

I've also had to brief on "Why are Lucky Charms magically delicious?" and "Why you should eat your scabs" (tried to answer that one negatively--didn't work). The things you learn in the military.
Learning how to give proper briefings actually. -sigh- They give you impromptus just for "fun." Yeah fun for them! But after a while we started getting into it :D . After the scab one my TO (fear fear fear!)actually told me she was going to quote me in her AIM profile :shock: . Apparently I had said something about 'self-canibalism'. This was really close to the end of training so I guess she was trying to be ... "nice". Does that concept even exist among TOs?
Samirine, NO. Any kindness by training cadre is a trap.
For instance, when your senior Drill SGT. gathers you round and tells you to do your best imitations of the cadre, ONLY do the armorer. DO NOT do a picture perfect imitation of the CO giving command over to the 1sgt! They're watching! It's a trap, i tell you, a trap!
Hehe, Yes I know! Even when training was over, the tried to be nice, but don't trust them!

We had just had our final inspection which was :cen: incredibly tense (understatement of the year) and took all morning. So we're waiting in this little room off to the side. One of our officers comes in to get us and of course we call the room to attention. (missed that the first day and NEVER again!) He goes "Will you please stop doing that!!! You can relax now." We stay at attention regardless until he leaves, and is standing around just outside the door. Finally he sticks his head in and is like "I said RELAX!" Yeah. Right. :roll:
In basic (long story short) I hyperventilated while trying to get a late slip for sick call (ended up I had pneumonia). Anyway, a drill from another platoon drove me over to sick call in a cattle car, me in the passenger seat. His cover was on the dash, and as he made a left turn it slid off and started to go out the window... command decision time, so I grabbed it.
And IMMEDIATELY replaced it on the dash as he looked about to rip my lungs out. He opened his mouth, clenched his teeth, and slowly grated out the words "Thank you". See, they are human, sort of.