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I am Romanian. I have never been in the military and the more I think about it, I never want to be in the military, unless my country is under attack.
I am interested in submarines because I think the future belong to them, at least on the water battlefields.
Any of my interest regarding weapons and war, was and is purely theorethical. I do not want to kill people unless I must defend myself, my family or my country. By that I mean if someone is actually attacking what I defend, not if I just think that someone represents a threat.
I do not like wars.
I do not like USA policy in regards to their military spread across the world and their wars.
I believe that all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons should be destroy.
I think that a big war is in our near future.
I live in Århus until the end of this month then probably I shall go home. But I want to come here again, for 2 years or more to continue some of my studies, perhaps in Copenhagen.
I would like to do that, unfortunately I do not know how. :?: The only cool thing that I can do when it comes to forums is to upload an avatar. The rest is beyond my knowledge.