Hummer vs APC's/Armor in Iraq.


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I was just reading some news reports on Iraq, and the casualties we are taking there. By now everyone has seen the burning Hummers(HMMWV) on a dozen times a week.

So, I was thinking, what the hell is the Pentagon thinking sending our guys in these peices of shit, hyped up SUV's on missions or patrols?

We have much better armored personel carriers, or APC, and the new Stryker coming,,,or do we? There are probably thousands of them here in the gaurd units all over the country, and about 1000 of them in Kuwait.

Anyway, there should be some real research on this somewhere. The point is the Hummer is a failure, the Rumsfieldien Quick strike or lighter force has proven much more vulnerable than admited to or covered in the media. And, our guys are taking more causualties because they should be in a real armored vehicle, not an over hyped SUV!

I know the Hummer is Not a APC, but none the less is being used way to casualy in Iraq.

Right now, our troops are safer walking behind a Hummer than riding in one.
hummer armor

Yea the hummer doesnt have real good armor.I live in Oregon and there is a company devolping armor for the doors of the hummer but i dont think that will work real well because its only for small arms.
First off all of you need to realize this (and so does the POOF* military) that the vehicles are for transportation not use as fighting platforms. They are designed to get you from point A to point B and back again. All this talk about armor and crap is irrelevant. You can pile on all the crap you want, but somehow somebody is gonna find a way to get you if they want to bad enough. You can bomb blast shoot and gas a place all you want, but if you want to own it you've got to put a soldier in his two boots there on top of it.

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Yes, well, thats off-topic, as we are discussing diffrent transport options, not "Is the AFV concept still relevant"....