Humane Military Weapons

Mark Conley

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Havent heard much about this topic on the forum. Id be interested in what other countries are developing.

In this topic, im defining a humane weapon as one that does not kill or maim the person it used against. lets only discuss what currently is in research and developemnt that isnt classified as secret by the current system in our countries.

to start off: the taser. Current development of the taser, or electronic disruption of a persons muscle groups by the application of high voltage, low amperage shock is getting a new face lift.

this link describes a taser that doesnt need wires. Wires are what limits the range, or line of sight condition that are required to make them work. this is probly the first steps to making a buck rogers ray gun.

anyone else?

The marines are working on area denial tech which is basically a big microwave transmitter. Heats up the nerve endings, causing unbearable pain, but "supposedly" doesn't damage any tissue. Got them mounted on humvees. I'm too lazy to look up a link, try Darpa or something.
heckler and koch makes all sorts of weapons that are used by the military and law enforcement to paralyze and disturb a message going from the brain to the body. its good stuff, history channel has it all