Nick E

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Hi Everyone,
My name is Nick Evans.
Im from Northern Ontario Canada.
I love Planes, Amateur Radio, Guns, Military and Computer Programming.
I am hoping to join the Cadet Branch just north of me...
I know a fair bit about history.
Well good bye for now. :rambo:

Welcome to the Forums, Nick. Good to see yet another Canadian here.

BTW: What branch of Cadets are you going in?
Welcome Ontarian ! I love your Country..! actaully a littel bit more do I love Paul Martin ( always better than Chretien I guess ) but hey you're welcome to make your posts- nice to have you here, eh ?
Im joining the 2344 C Sqn Algonquin Regiment. Its about half an hour north of me. BTW I have been to Italy when i was young EnRoute to australia. Thank you everyone, Ive been searching for a good Military forum for a long time and I will get my friend to join too.
Army Cadet's eh? Don't let the RSM or CSM give you a hard time. (If you don't know what that means, you'll find out when you enlist)
M*A*S*H rocks! "The Best Care Anywhere!" :lol:

Welcome to the forum, hope you like it.
Please bring in all the friends you want/can (as long as they follow the forum rules) ;)