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Today is Howard Sterns last day on public radio...I have listened to him everyday for the past 2 years and it's entertaining and informational at the same time. A lot of the stuff that he says (that isnt about naked lesbians and transexual strippers) makes a lot of sense. I would get satellite radio so i could keep listening but I dont want to have to pay a monthly fee just to listen. Today is a sad day for radio and considering his show was the only thing i listened to the radio for, the end of me listening to the radio, its to bad...Im listening to the final show now...
Unfortunately I am missing all of his last season by being here in Iraq. Wish I could listen online, but it is blocked. I kind of miss it. I will get Sat radio when I get home.
I really can't see why everyone is so saddened that Howard Sterns is leaving the public radio airwaves. As far as I'm concerned, he could leave ALL media airwaves and I for one won't miss him in the slightest. The items that make "sense" are far outweighed by the "shock jock" antics he is so famous for. If I were to use approximately half of the cuss words that he uses regularly on this forum, I would be banned in a heart beat (and it would probably be for life). All Howard Sterns IS, is a potty mouth who managed to gather a listening audience that liked to have their perversions scratched by an overgrown perverted frekazoid.
Well, Stern is an extremely important figure in the history of broadcasting and no one can deny that. Before him everything was happy happy cute morning radio, now he's changed it into something far more entertaining.

I never really listened to Howard but I regret his leaving because now they're putting on David Lee Roth on in my maket... ugh, he's going to be horrible.

I listen to a guy named Russ Martin who'se wildly popular and has broken all kinds of records for ratings in the Dallas market. When radio station "The Edge" lost Howard back in 1997 The Russ Martin Show was the show that replaced him. It is the only time in broadcasting history that the guy who followed Stern not only matched but beat his ratings.
I too, agree with you Chief. If we can just convince satellite radio to turn the signal OUT into space where it belongs....