How to be more Murican

I'm actually surprised someone hasn't done it. I would like to have one on my Ram pick up for those special times a Prius with rainbow flag in the back window and a Hillary bumper sticker is in front of me going 10 mph under the speed limit. Something like the Warthog's gun, sized down to .50. Steering wheel controls and mount behind a snow plow, I think.
It may surprise readers to know that it is possible to purchase a brand-new Gatling Gun from Colt firearms company, Colt still owns the manufacturing rights to the Gatling and will make one for you for a mere $50,000 dollars.
It will astound many readers to know that the ownership and shooting of machine guns is legal in almost half of U.S. states, including the state in which I reside.
Each May, a machine gun shoot is conducted at a gun club just a few miles south.