How Do I Find A Friend?


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Hi All! I am new here. I really would love to find an old friend that is in the navy. I have tried before to find him in the past, but no luck. Anyhow...any suggestions would be much appreciated. Maybe someone on this website/forum might know him. His name is removed by admin ...he was recruited from haltom city/dallas fort worth area. My yahoo handle is barefoot_thru_flowers, for anyone that has some suggestions or leads! Thanks all...and thankyou too all the people in the service for keeping our freedom, safety and our dignity intact!

God Bless....

Sarah ~
Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum.

I removed the name of your friend, you never know who reads this forum... :?
I think it's best if you get some tips here on how you can search for him, and/or you can PM the name to someone who may know how to locate him..

I do unfortunately not have any tips, not from the US..
But some of our other members may help you..

Good luck. :)
Yeah, is a pretty good source, especially if you know the high school your friend attended and the year he graduated. Even if he isn't registered, you may be able to contact one of his classmates who can pass a message to him.

Another good way to find your buddy is a book called "How to Find Anyone Who Has Served in the Military" or something like that. The appendix has a number of resources for locating veterans and serving personnel. That book, or others like it, are usually available at your public library.