Houling Holloween


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Happy Holloween everyone.

I know its most of your time of year where they let you out for the night. But what are you dressing up as?

George Bush is already taken.
Im just sittin' around tellin' people to get the candy out of the witches butt whos drowning upside-down in a cannibal toilet. It's been fun. Theres this very large Mexican family whose come around 3 times so far. their in a 15 passenger van and their repeatedly driving from house to house, pillaging as they go on their merry way. *sh*t, im almost out of candy*
"mama! the nice boy with the toilet just cussed!".
:cry: :cry:

I was playing a cup soccer game half way across the country and broke my foot.

That was my night out the window!

:cry: :cry: :( :(