Hostages rescued thanks to SOF blitz.

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3 Italian hostages and the Polish businessman kidnapped in Iraq by the Green Swords of Mahomet have been rescued and freed by SOFs about one hr ago in the southern part of Baghdad. The 4th Italian, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, was killed in April and RIP.

Thanks to our government for never giving up to ransoms of any kind and thanks for efforts from the intelligence of several countries. Thanks to the Red Cross which helped estabilish a contact with the jailers.
Thanks of course to US SOFs ( still dunno which one in detail ) which once again, saved another country's citizens.
Big news in Italy. In spite of all the oppositions efforts to sell Italy's butt to terrorists we did it.

I'll try to provide links in English as soon as I can find em, but here's a link to remind of our murdered brother who made us all proud of being Italian: (this one's in english )
Sorry to hear that anto.At least they are not dead to make this people come here and talk about it
And what a news story ! The terrorists had really planned to kill one of them or all o3 f them on June 11 (today ), first cause it's an 11, and second cause its one day before european elections.
Their declaration to be published after the execution was already on the web. The bastards would have killed them, so they would cause a Madrid syndrome and people would have punished the gov't who supports the US.
Thanks Delta.
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:lol: I am sure the men that took part in this operation will be thrilled to know "Delta Force" is getting the credit, keeps the spotlight off of them.

Ironic ? What do you mean ? I'm interested. What about " the men that took part in this operation " ? Ya mean its all fake ? Its all a lie ?
Please post a reply, sounds like big news.