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Our son has been in the Army for over 3 years and none of his military accomplishments have ever been sent to his hometown newspaper. When he enlisted the form was filled out listing what newspapers to notify. When nothing was recieved after basic graduation, we notified the recruitment office and they said they would handle it. Obviously they didn't, because nothing has ever been sent to the papers :x . We are very proud of our son and would like to see his accomplishments recognized. He is E-4P at Fort Bragg with the 18th Airborne Corp and just made it through Special Forces Selection :D . Even though our son says it's no big deal, we want to do some bragging!!
If we can't get anything "official", we are going to write it ourselves and pay to get it in the papers! Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
Sounds like the problem is with the Army PR rather than the paper, GuyontheRight (correct me if I'm wrong C5INC).
I think the best way to go about it would be to have your son take the problem up his COC. Contacting the Army directly (like you have already done) couldn't hurt either, and just keeping on them should get your son's recruiters in gear eventually.
Other members with more experience in the service will likely be able to help you with more specifics or tricks of the trade, but they're not always around, so just give them a few days to get a reply in, ok?
Good luck, and congratulations on your son's achievements.
If your son has embarked on a potential path with SF, the less attention brought on him, the better. That is just my advice.
Maybe it is better not to have your son's info disposed on Papers, currently this is not a top safe world, if Terrorists got attention to this all info, it would not be a good thing.

I know you are all proud people, maybe you don't mind at all, nor are afraid of anything.

Good luck.