Hola! from Puerto Rico


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Hello i am interested in joining the US Military.
Unfortunately i'm still studying for the ASVAB (taking a class for math).
Been researching getting myself educated and i'm interested in
Air Force for (Pararescue) and Army for (Green Beret).

I am joining for the tittle, the honor, the skills and the experience.

I recently had a terrible life experience civilian b******t :shoothea: but to make a long story short in tyler durden i trust (Fight Club).like a monkey ready to be shot into space. space monkey ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good.
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Central America are cleanest in defence. But theres good reggae from Jamaica the dead legend Bob Marley drugs take his life in 80's every day he smoke marijuana.

I have take drugs in northern Europe and I goes to Piva in Karlskrona of psykos then home again then after one day in school I goes to Karlshamn then Karlskrona again. Between 2004-2006 I was away.

In may 2006 I go back in Olofstroem in new house. My voise are stupid.