Hizballah attacks IDF tracktor,IAF retaliate


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IDF bulldozer was clearing explosive chargessset by hizzballaha on the patrol road of the Israeli-Lebanese border.The D9 Dozer was attacked by a ATGM missile, killing one soldier and badly injuring another.IAF is conducting airstrikes on terrorist camps in lebanon as we speak.
Good. I ant belive why Lebonon puts up with them in their borders. Dont the Phalangists have any say in that government anymore?

you must remember hizballah is a serious party and large fighting force. they are backed by the syrians and the syrians rule lebanon.if i were the syrians id keep hizballah under a tighter rope....israel can hurt syria as well....
And Iran practically dictates what Syria does...

Your right though, the Syrians need to be kciked out, why doesnt the UN ever say anything about that? The problem is political correctness, the world says give the muslims there land, but last time I checked you had christians and druze living in Lebanon too.

allso, we ar no longer on lebanese territory...these is unprovcote terrorisem,we are not oppressing them....we are out of there country for 3 years...the syrians should watch it...Israel might be a bit weak right now,but we still havwe the biggest stick in the middle east...
Yea, I feel the only way to resolve that issue in Isreali's favor may come down to another invasion, or at least some insurrection by the Falangust party in Lebanon.
not an invasion

Maybe a really large scale skermish,with SOF, airattacks and massive artillary. BIG show of force....
Redleg, youve been there, you know the situation more then anyone. Im basing my argument off of what I knew about the situation in the 80s. Cant you enlighten us?
I'll comment on this one later.
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But as I have said before: violence breeds more violence..
It doesn't matter how powerfull Israel is, it's not possible to get peace down there that way!

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I agree.peace cannot be attained by violence.But we can force hizballah to stop the attacks temporarily.ISRAEL IS NOT ON LEBANESE SOIL.