Hitlers Bunker to be rebuilt


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Hitler’s bunker to be rebuilt for tourists

Allison Wallace January 13, 2015, 1:13 pm

The bunker where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide at the end of WWII is being re-created for tourists to visit at a German Museum.
Despite fears that it may be insensitive, The 'Top Secret' museum in Oberhausen plans to build a replica of the Fuhrerbunker.
Hitler’s rooms, his secretary’s office, the radio room and his doctor’s room will all be faithfully replicated.
Hitler moved to the Führerbunker in January 1945 and remained there until his suicide in April, just days after marrying Eva Braun, when he realised the war was a lost cause.
The museum is apparently still in the planning stages.

According to Museum Director, Ingo Mersmann, it is to be an educational experience for people to really see how it was, to experience the size and feel of the bunker.

A recreation of the Fuhrerbunker at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Getty Images

The original site of the bunker near Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was left unmarked for many years, and it was only in 2006 that the location was received an official information board. It had been policy to ignore such sites, so they would not become places of pilgrimage for Nazi supporters.

The ruins of the original bunker in 1947. Photo: Wikipedia/Commons

Top Secret is no stranger to controversy. It made the news when it opened a replica of the building Osama bin Laden was living in before he was captured and killed by American special forces in 2011.

According to The Local, “the museum bills itself as a family museum with interactive exhibitions on espionage. They also have props from a James Bond film and a hat that once belonged to Cuban leader Fidel Castro.”

Quite frankly I'm surprised. I was under the impression that his bunker was sealed for fear of it becoming a shrine.

Personally I think its a good idea, history cannot be hidden or glossed over because its unsavory to some.
I agree and I am not opposed to its reconstruction although I am not sure I see the point in replicating the Führerbunker, as a museum about the period I think a bunker design is an excellent idea to create atmosphere and authenticity but any bunker design would do it does not really have to be a copy of Hitlers bunker.

As I recall there were several attempts to destroy the bunker between 1947 and 1959 so I doubt there is much left of it, mind you it could be similar to the Humbolt Flak tower that the Russians and French spent months blasting away at and eventually gave up and buried, the tower is now part of the underground Berlin tours and well worth a visit.

Is re-building the thing a good idea ? I don't think so it would represent a history best forgotten not re-lived , it would be a money maker though .
According to the original post it sounds as though they are recreating the bunker not resurrecting the original bunker (I thought the original was destroyed). In itself the bunker was nothing glorious. It was dank, crowded and gloomily from what I understood.

Unlike Stalin, Genghis Khan and some of histories other great murderers - destroyers they do not have a large present day following, Hitler does. I wonder how wise it is to rise him up in any way? I can see rebuilding a Tiger_1 tank to marvel at a bygone technology, but not at a bygone man that cost the world 60 million lives.
Personally I think leaving these large structures in ruins is a mistake as it makes them attractions I believe they should have either been totally destroyed or completely rebuilt and given a more acceptable purpose as soon as possible after the war.

In the case of Nuremberg having seen it I don't see a problem with rebuilding it and giving it a role in modern society, it was only a parade ground its crime was that Nazi's walked over it but then they did that to most of Europe as well and oddly enough all I thought about when visited the place was not WW2 but rather the parade scene from Star Wars.
It is a part of history just as the Holocaust is

The media focuses heavily on the Holocaust, the Nazi's crime of killing 6 million Jewish people. They were also responsible for the deaths-murders of at least 13 million, perhaps as many as 18 million non Jewish Soviet civilians, 3 million non Jewish Polish civilians, > 1 million Yugoslavian civilians, > 1/2 million Greeks, as well 100 of thousands of civilian from France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and so on.
In so many documentaries they only passingly mention the atrocities committed in the east against the Slav's, whom Hitler despised and planned to eliminate as well.
It's not that I don't think that the crimes against the Jews weren't terrible and shouldn't be mentioned. I feel the complete picture of the crimes perpetrated by the Nazi's should be presented.