"High Speed" jobs


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OK gents, Ive seen quite a few post about people looking for more action oriented militray jobs. Here's a quick list of jobs in the US military:

Army -
Infantry (you may want to take the Airborne or Ranger options). Depending on hyour unit of assignment you may be able to volunteer for LRS or Pathfinder slots.

Special Forces (the good ole SF "Baby" contract is back) don't even worry about asking unlees you are in VERY ggod sahpe and have a little collage under your belt.

Cavalry Scout (there are two types Mech or guys assigned to Air Cav and Light Infantry units - They do a lot of vehicle and dismounted work.

Forward Observer (you can be assigned to a VERY wide array of units to provide fire support)

For the guys into tanks look into M1 crewmember.

For those of you who like big guns check out any of the cannon crewmember jobs (be warned until you get a little rank on your shoulder you will be humping a lot of ammo).

Some of you may be more inclined to become a combat medic. There ar e a lot of options available to you, and the training will carry over into civilian life.

Combat Engineer -

Air Force -

Special Tactics (PJ or CCT) see the various posts on SOF forces.
Combat Weather (you need to have decent ASVAB scores, thnik quickly, and don't mind coming to get dirty with the Army).

TACP (you will start off as a Tactical Air Cmmand and Control Specialist and advance from there. ) You will also spend most of your career working with or for the US Army.

Security Forces (most of their jobs are routine LE or security work they do have units that perform jobs similar to infantry - You will also be required to perform at a higher standard those other AF troops.)

Navy - SEAL, Combatant Craft Crewmember - see the various SOF posts.

EOD - depending on the type of EOD unit you go to, there's a lot available to you.

Corpsman - Volunteer to go play with the Marines. For the really highspped types you can become a Special Amphibious Recon Corpsman (SARC) (you are assinged to Marine Recon units).



Recon (don't hink you are going to roll in the the door and and jump straight into a billet at a FR Co. or MCSOCOM DET. 1)

ANGLICO - Basically amphibious and jump qualified Marine forward obserbers that work with the Army or foreingn militaries.


Radio Recon - Recon and jump qualified electronic warfare and signal intercept marines.

Security Forces (boring most of the time but you do get to do a little traveling).


Tankers, Artilley Crewmembers, FO, etc.

These a re just a few ideas to give you something to think about.
Just remember, some of these are SOF and some are not. Don't think just because you become a 19D (Cav Scout) you'll be High Speed, or an operator. Don't choose a job based on the promise of "action", because I can assure you .. every swinging d*ck SF operator has spent his share of time picking up pine cones. Choose your contract carefully, because no matter the unit, SOF or not, these are very serious times.

As for the 18X (not sure on REP-63) (Special Forces "baby" contract) you don't need college (though it would be helpful), but DSummer is correct in that you will need to be in very good shape. You don't want to spend six months to a year in the DEP program, getting psyched for your chance at SF .. going through OSUT, BAC, then getting dropped at SOPC or SFAS because you can't ruck. It wastes the Army's time and money .. and sets you off on a bad foot in the conventional Army. You will be required to finish out your enlistment, even if you fail.

Good point bringing EOD up, DSummer. I didn't post it in the SOF thread because there are currently no EOD units within the community. However, you could get the opportunity to work with Special Forces, SEALs, Force Recon .. or, you could be stuck picking up rounds downrange or rendering safe IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) in Iraq.
The Army, Navy and Airforce allow you to enlist into EOD off of the street, the Marine Corps requires you to be a Jr. NCO before you can put in an application. This is not a job for people simply looking for action. It is a very dangerous and serious job and requires a huge commitment. Be prepared for a lot of book work and studying for the first year before you get any hands on "in the field" action. The school is very hard, and the attrition rate high.
Every branch is short EOD techs at the moment, but I don't know of any bonuses being offered. This is also a job open to females, but it can be a very physically demanding MOS, so make sure you're in excellent shape (same for you lads as well). Females will not work with SOF units in an operational enviroment.
An EOD tech has a lot of options when he leaves the military. Law Enforcement (Federal, State, Local) as well as in the private sector. You can find jobs ranging from $30,000 a year at a police department to $150,000 with a private company.