High School Military Organizations and Competitions

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I have seen many "shout out" threads started for a certain group, or school or something of the sort. One thing people are forgetting, This is an international forum. If you were asking based on a nation, regional, or possibly state level, that would change the conditions somewhat. ALways feel free to ask if you aren't sure. If it is a national ordeal, feel free, just make sure its legit.

Please, remember this is world wide, and there are many many many different cadet organizations. If your topic was locked, and I perhaps misunderstood it, If you will nicely request the unlock, or the reasons for locking, I will be happy to cooperate or answer questions.

I will provide as many links possible for people, and they should find them if they use the search feature correctly. Also, if you look through the topics, you can still quote from locked topics, just copy and paste for the quoting. Try to provide some idea of where you got it, so the people can answer you correctly. ¿Questions? Can't figure out what I am talkin about? PM me.

All topics created after this will be deleted/locked. You have been warned. This also encludes activities and competitions.

Area 4 Linden High school

MLK Drill Meet

JR Tucker and Hermitage MCJROTC

Lake Howell Drill Meet

West Anchorage High School AFJROTC

Durango High School AFJROTC

25, NOVEMBER, Drill Meet at Neptune Regional High School

Central Ontario Region Band and Drill competition

Pacific High MCJROTC

Here goes another
new jrotc program

there is a JROTC program at the new High School in Oviedo, florida of the united states....the new High School is Paul J. Hagerty High School......our commanding officer is First Sergeant, Jose Vazquez....former commanding officer of the Lyman High School JROTC program................!1ST sergeant vazquez was also the one who brought the Lyman High school to the Drill Team and Color Guard to the Florida state competitions and finals.......He also got them to the NATIONALS!!!!!!!!!I am his S5......he is briefing me on my position and job and work that he gives me to do! so add Paul J. Hagerty to the JROTC lists for the state of florida of the United States Of America!!!!!!!!!!! :army: :salute2: :salute: