High School and the Military


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Hows everybody doing.I'm 16 and a Jr in high school and I think when I graduate I'm either going to enlist in the Army or the Marines.The thing is I want to be on the front line and also use my brains. I get very good grades in school and I value an education.But my question is does a high school education really matter that much if I'm going to enlist. And is there any way school can help me out on the field of battle.If you have any real answer to this I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

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They want High School grads that had good grades, but if you can get yourself an appointment to any of the academies become an officer.

I myself am destined for either West Point or Annapolis.

If you really wanted to enlist your parents could sign the waver when you're about to be a senior and you would enlist at 17.
You mentioned being in the front lines and also using your brains. This advice I'm passing on to you came from one of my friends. While your young and energetic be in the infantry. As you get older think about getting into some sort of trade. Join a Service Battalion so if you leave the military you have something to put on a resume. Its not easy to find work when your trained in combat but if you know how to repair vehicles or something than you can be a mechanic or something.
Are you planning on making a carreer off of it, or are you just going to enlist for the Montgomery GI Bill?