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Sorry i've posted a few times, I don't follow instructions very well.:) i've been reading these forums for awhile, I think they are pretty good I get sick of seeing "the SAS is better then the Delta force" threads on other sites. Ill admit now that i like to drink allot so if i sound like a complete idiot well thats it.:) I'm not the greatest at getting my point across online so read my post careful if they don't sound right. My family has served in the American military for many many generations so I'm very prideful for my country. All i ask is if you think I'm wrong or don't agree don't disrespect me, explain your point out and prove me wrong and if I am I will gladly admit I'm wrong. Thanks.

Big Z, I've talked to you several times though on each occasion I seem to read your views on how the British are and have been an almost second class fighting force. Though responding to your points has kept me entertained especially when we're discussing Anglo-American history.
No you misunderstand. I say the brits are supurb fighters but no better then the US like some of them claim.
Welcome Zack...I hope you enjoy the forum. It seems like a great place so far...even though I haven't been here much longer then you..LOL