Hi I am Tower


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I am new part right here.

I am glad of forum rules.

I am soon 30 by ages.

I am hockey and handboll by sports watch.

By army followers its no Britain no Russia no China no NK no Iraq no Iran its Germany because I likely one big economic country in the West then too Venezuela and its France and its Swizz and its Canada because Sweden is bad after its break off and now its a cleaner professional seized it is because Germany don't want going upod with themselfes market troops seized. :salute2:

Perhaps I want democratic or communist party in 2020's election in the United States to following USA in politicians in Twitter one explination to my USA world because i'm live closer to Germany many Swedes prefer Germany just its today format by Germany and not Germans in World War II its democratic president or communists of USA I did will by American Citizens its big population anti Trumpster in USA too perhaps Biden is key for USA president nomination in the 2021's to by the 2025's about ten months all knew results of general election in country.
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Germany, France, Swizz, Venezuela are anti USA and like Canada are big population anti soccer how is right nomination to my follow countries like five countries just I did explination otherwises and only if Americans got Biden to next time in USA presidency I will following the politicians in USA and NHL teams by no seventh favor to mine too in Twitter and the communist party too famous communists are right time by the next nine years in new time in America's election 2020's and 2024's and 2028's.
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One hundred years since market communism in Russia then it will be 70 years after communism died in the USSR.
Is the United States communists I did hopes myself with Biden too in general election about time.