Hi from aussiejohn

Hello people,

I have been in action for a few weeks and having a good time reading and replying to the different topics.

My wife and kids think I am addicted to Military Forum. They might be right so I better be careful.

Not sure I am using the personal messaging correctly. I have received some messages and have replied but not sure they are getting back.

Anyway. Bye for now.
You are definitely using PMs correctly, man.

Welcome to the forum. I'm an addict as well: the reason is that this place is so interesting. You can virtually get anything here, from Julius Caesar to Schwarzkopf to My favorite hobby is eating frogs... you know :D .
A couple of Aussies are already in, BTW.
Ciao Aussiejohn.
Welcome John :D

my cousin said i was addicted as well, i think quiet a few of us must be addicted cuz this is such a great site.