Hi All!


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Hi All! My name is J.P. (Ninja97506) Just wanted to drop in to say Hi and I am Happy and Excited about being a part of this Community! HAPPY ThanksGiving to ALL:avi: ! And may GOD Bless!:salute2: :angel:
Welcome to the milforum Ninja, check your weapons at the door and see Team Infidel for drinks and poker out back in the Bunker.
Welcome Ninja97506. Oh, and watch out for Bulldogg and Team Infidel, they'll steal your weapons that you check at the door and cheat you at poker.:pirate:
Welcome aboard - by the way ... don't worry about the rest of the guys. We take a cut of the pots and use it to pay for the booze ...

the broads are up to you.
welcome ninja, watch out for the old hands. if you're not careful, you'll lose your weapons and your money in the blink of an eye.:wink: