Hey, man, um, emergency, you know?


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This one needs a short background. I ran a service and recovery section tht had canvas guys (me), welders/bodywork, machinists, carpenters, and mechanics/wrecker drivers. We had a lot of tools, a lot of metal stock, and a lot of energy, which we put forth towards building weaponry and general mayhem. ONe of the guys found that if you remove the cone shaped fire extinguisher nozzle and replace it with a 1/2 pipe, you could shoot these huge ball bearings at like a zillion miles an hour. We spent a lot of time replacing humvee body panels, which came in these huge cardboard crates. Background finished.
So, one day I'm sitting in my cage, filling out work orders and stuff. In strolls one of my welders. He's a little dense, but likeable. So he says "Hey, Mal, whats up?"
"Not much," I say, "just doing some paper work. Whats up with you?"
"Oh, well, I was just fixing that tab on the howitzer they brought in."
"Oh, right on. Is it going okay?"
"Yeah, pretty well. Um, only thing is....well...."
By this time I'm becoming suspicious. I know this guy. "Only thing is what?"
"Well, um, do you know.... uh, do you know where any, uh.... fire extinguishers are? "
I'M UP! I'm MOVING! I run down to his bay, and sure enough, theres a 20 foot plume of flames coming from the pile of discarded parts boxes he was welding RIGHT NEXT TO!
Okay, I'm trained, I can do this! I run over and grab the fire extinguisher, point it at the blaze, and "puff" says the nearly empty extinguisher (remember those ball bearings?) Same story with the next two. So, my helpful welder says, "Why don't you just use that water hose over there?" Thanks, genius! Why didn't you just grab it 10 minutes ago?
So I put out the fire with the hose.
My welder spent the next day and evening digging a huge hole and filling it back in.
That one is good. I think i will now go home and try that ball bearing thing. We just liked to make smoke by mixing brake fluid and clorox bleach.
sgtbreeden said:
We just liked to make smoke by mixing brake fluid and clorox bleach.


So because of ALL of your guys' idle boredom, your shop was nearly burnt down by a neglectful welder?