Hey I'm new


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Hey everyone...I'm new. I'm not in the service yet but intend on enlisting when I graduate. I'm kind of new to everything so if I ask alot of dumb questions please forgive me. I'm new and young and curious. Thank you!

~Jackie~ :)
Welcome ... a great deal of our members here are current and former members of various militaries around the world, if a search doesn't give you an answer to your question, feel free to ask - I'm sure someone around here will know the answer or will at least be able to point you in the right direction Enjoy.
Welcome to the forum Snoogins137. Best of luck in your future military career. Hint hint: Go Army!! :D I have to agree wiht Redleg..the only dumb question is the one NOT asked.
Welcome, fellow "I will enlist the moment I graduate" person!

Don't eat yellow snow and watch out for falling insults, while rare, they do occur.
Welcome to the forum Jackie you will find many answer out here I can promiss you that :)