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Hey Guys,

I'm a friend on Bulldogg's who used to post on here a while back under the name of Wing Nut. It's been a long time since I've posted on here but I thought I'd come back and join in the fun.

Not Much has changed. I'm still living and working in Guangzhou, south China. Different company now (WSI) to Bulldogg. Got some interesting clientel in this place, High court judges, Military personel, Models, lots of rich, single, or non single but interested females etc.. All is good.

Apart from that I have now opened up a martial arts school (some Chinese don't take too kindly to a westerner teaching mart in China, but never mind..) Wanting to introduce some more "realistic" training, but problem is most of my students are women. :???:, never mind.. as long as the rent is paid and I keep having a place to train with my mates all is good.


Wing Nut (Keith)
Good to have you back on Wing Nut. What's wrong with teaching women martial arts? Sounds fun.

acakadut, tell us a little about yourself in another Welcome post.
Thanks for the welcome guys. Sorry for not replying sooner, work got even busier with a nice leak above my head and in the hall way and Chinese construction workers who have no idea how to fix a leaky pipe. :-?

Missileer, what's wrong with teaching women martial arts? Having a wife is whats wrong haha.. she doesn't quite see it the way I do... Actually teaching girls is fine just my main reason for teaching is to find more people to train with. The girls are more into it for fitness reasons than fighting.