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Hey folks! I originally found this place through a google search when I was looking for some information on my history project, and wanted to reply to a thread. I took a look around a bit afterwards, and found this is a pretty cool community, and I think I'll stick around for a bit. :D

My real name is Matt, I am Canadian/German and I'm a pretty big history buff. Hmm, what else can I say?

I'm 16 years of age, attending grade 10, I also enjoy anime, sci-fi, writing books (yes, I am in the midst of writing my first novel, which is the first of 3 in its series), videogames, philosophy, etc.

I plan to be a movie director/author for my career. And let's hope that I make it big so you all can see my films on the big screen in several years. :p Also, I'm really into Japanese anime, and I was curious if there's any other fellow anime fans here. If so, don't forget to check out this thread:

*shameless plug #1* :lol:

Welcome! :D

Great to see that more and more new members introduce themselves.
(and you'll also get some "free" MilBucks this way... ;) )