Heres a hint to make your messages more understandable...

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Mark Conley

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this works for me...dont know if it works for you, but who knows...

1. Open your word processing program (mine is microsoft word but it works for most other good programs that have automatic spell and grammer checking) during your forum on-time.

2. Compose your message in the word document. Spell and grammar check it.

3. With the right mouse feature, starting at the begining of your clean and spell checked item, highlight and copy the item (called cutting and pasting).

4. Open the forum area you wish to post, and either press the post a topic, or reply to a post buttons. Right click, and Paste the document to the edit square.

5. Review it.

6. Submit it.

Please please please please? :D
I made this a "sticky," hope you don't mind, Mark.

Also, here are some very commonly mis-spelled words;

Sergeant (NOT Sargent, Sergent, Pslogent)
Corps (NOT Corp, Core, etc.)
Semper (as in Semper Fi) (NOT Simper, that's what the strange guys do)
Soldier (NOT Soilder)
Yeah people should do that especially since some people like to lack the thing we call grammar correction :p. I try type my posts up in microsoft word then post, cause i don't want to bring out my south speaking side :p
Its to :x
Re: Heres a hint to make your messages more understandable..

Mark Conley said:
Please please please please? :D

Yeah, I do some thing like that already. (bet y'all could'int tell. :? )
I rarely need to use Word to check my spelling and grammar. Actually, the way I talk here is the same way I talk on MSN. Everyone I talk to get mad at me for doing it, too.
lt_strony said:
hey you can get a thing for php forums that is like a spell check for messages

It's possible (but it's not as good as MS Word), I'll try to install a script like that soon.
I used the "redneck' version on this page. Does anyone recognise this?

Ah dead soldiuh who has given his'n life because uv thar dang failure uv his'n leaduh am ah dreadful sight before God, hot damn! Like all dead soldiers, bubba wuz tired, possibly frightened tuh his'n soul, 'n there bubba am on top uv all thut thar nevuh again tuh see his'n homeland, hot damn! Don’t bay thar dang one who failed tuh instruct he all properly, who failed tuh lead he all well, hot damn! Burn thar dang midnight oil, so thut thar y'all may not 'n latuh years look upon y'alls hands 'n find his'n blood still re-d upon them, Leroy!
- James Warnuh Bellah

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