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Hi @ all.
My name is Sven i´m 26 and from Germany. First i want to say sorry for my english grammar :stupid: its not the best because my schooltime is to long ago ( :cen: I´m getting older :cry: )but i will use the SpellCheck every time i post something!!! I found this side when i searched a Military Forum about the US Forces. I´m interested in military history, weapons, Uniforms and a lot of other things around military. I was in German Army in an Electronic Warfare Unit (in German "EloKa") . We were listing to the russian military radio operators to find out were they are stationed and how many troops are there and such things. My rank was a "Hauptgefreiter" :m1: wich i think is something between PFC and SPC.
When i´m not at work (I normally work 6 days a week about 9 hours per day) i like to party with my friends :cheers: , surfing through the internet and try my computer keep on going!

I hope now you all knew me a little bit better. If anybody has any questions about me, German Army or any other thing just write to me!!

Ok see you at the Forums :rock:
Welcome to the forum Joker. :)

I've seen a lot of much worse grammar mistakes than yours, so no worries there.
Willkommen Joker! I live on an army base that had germans for a while but their contract ended a few years ago so they are all gone now, they were here to use our training area.