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i have a wheat allergy and its not been diagnosed..

do you think i can go without eating wheat in basic

do you think i could sneak in allegra? what are my options?

would army, air force or marines be more open?
well i haven't yet been to basic, but i don't beleive you would be able to seak anything in... From what i ahve heard, they make you dump your bag out and they search through everything that you have...

as for them not letting you in for having this allergic reaction, that is hard to say, most likley i would talk to a recruiter about that if i were you...
First off, you need to find what "allergy" you have. My cousin has a disease in which he cant consume glutton, ad if you do it will really screw you up, enough to the point where you wont make it through basic. If you can find out about your issue, then Id suggest talking to the Army about it.
On a side note, trying to "sneak" anything in is highly inadvisable. And if you get caught concealing information that's a no-go, too, big integrity violation.
I think your best course is to go to your recruiter and try to get a waiver for your condition (I believe you asked about this before, correct?). If the problem can be treated, then do so before you put anything down on paper, if you can prove that it is no longer a problem then that will help you with obtaining your waiver.