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I remembered long time ago in history class that our teacher recounted a war veteran's experience that he was out on the field and it looked like a hopeless situation. They were outnumbered and the battlefield was strewn with fallen comrades. Then the commander said that they were to charge. Nobody wanted to go because they were all scared to death. The commander then shouted to them (goes something like this) ...

"Look! There are only 2 kinds of people left on this battlefield now! The ones who are dead -- and the ones who are about to die!" --- and with that in mind, the veteran's remaining platoon charged out and it turned out that he made it after all.

The history class was around 10 years ago so I have forgotten what the words were exactly and who said what.

Please help out!

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I think the quote you are looking for is this one:

There are only two kinds of people on this beach; the dead and those about to die. so lets get the hell out'a here

Colonel George Taylor
- D Day