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Hello, I am eTboy and am new to the forum. I am not in the military although I have many family memebrs that are in the Army, Airforce and Navy. I searched for a military chat/forum site so I could ask lots of questions. Also I would like to get different viewpoints on current issues/subjects concerning our and world governments and militaries. I currently live on the west coast but am originally from the east. Anyways, Hi.
Welcome to the forum eTboy! :)

Feel free to ask all the questions you want here, and we'll try to dig up some answers for you..

You can also use the search function in the forum, since some of your questions may have been answered before.
Welcome.....I may be able to help you with any questions concerning the British Military!! :)
hehe, welcome welcome welcome!

Don't cause as much trouble as I do and I think you'll be ok!!!! So far I really haven't seen any, proving I just realized I'm a little late on welcoming you, but oh hell, who cares!