Hello everybody


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My name is Georgi, I'm from Bulgaria(Eastern Europe, Balkan peninsula - for those that do not know) I've been interested in military matters since I was born :) though I'm not in the military force - I'm in University, studying Architecture. Well that's all in brief.
Welcome to the forum, Georgi, nice to have another nation represented here. Good luck with your schooling.
Welcome Georgi. I am looking forward to your posts. It's always good to have another viewpoint.
Rotty261 said:
Hi Georgi, welcome to the best forum I have found yet.

:D The forum is only great because it has great members.. ;)

Welcome xopxe1 (What does that username mean??)

I've been in Bulgaria a couple of times, in Sofia when I was working in Macedonia, and the Black Sea on holiday a couple of times.. :)

One thing about this forum, I can say I know people from other countries (altho not face to face! but still, most of them know enough about me to!)