hello brother soldiers.


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a couple admins said i should introduce myself to the whole gang so here i go. I've been a soldier for about 4 years now, started off in the reserves transferred into a rifles regiment. So far i have been to Bosnia in 2003, and am possibly going to Afganistan (spelling?) next year. i found this forum by looking for black hawk down quotes to use as msn messenger names and got caught up in the discussions. if ive left something out please ask i am glad to answer any questions.
p.s. which ever admin i pissed off in the other topic im sorry im just a little *****. i am 23 and full of spunk, forgive me for my ignorance :)
Welcome, RPG - thank you for posting your introduction.

You haven't "pissed" anyone off, no worries.

What is "Sniper training duty?" Are you attending a formal school, taking a fam course or simply getting some field instruction?
RPGIncoming said:
i guess you would say we got some field instruction on sniper training, we were able to see some highly skilled snipers show us the methods you would use as a sniper in a combat situation, so they mixed that with us taking part in our regular duties as soldiers as well.

CDN snipers? If so, I hope you paid attention - most are excellent with what they do. They have a unique style all to themselves, always enjoyed working/training with them.
Hi RPG, Welcome to the forum.

Where in Bosnia did you serve (you don't have to say it if you don't want to...), I spent a couple of months in the Norwegian Battalion, in Modrica, in 99.
Welcome to the forum RPG. I read your profile and still can't figure out what country you're from, just curious.

Wait... I see that Maple Leaf now :)