Hello, all just to introduce myself


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Hi Ladies an Gentlemen

Im from Panama, 32yr, civilian, techical draftsman and graphic designer, and just have a cultural and intelecual interest in military matters, as a hobby, I use to read a lot, and your site looks like a good place to share opinions and get 1st hand accounts about military life.

From tactics to strategy, from moral debate to psycological analisys, from history to 1st hand experiences of servicemen (and women) around the globe, in war and peace, military science is a very interesting topic, and when you are in a country without armed forces (practically), and people tends to see military life and related matters trough Hollywood's view, careful research is the only way to get info, and your forum seems to be a good place to ask and get accurate answers and interesting opinions.

Keep the nice work
Welcome to the forum! :)

I don't think we have anyone else from Panama here...

Hello all!, thanks for your words.
It is not a surprise to me, that there is not any Panamanian here, but I hope to make up for the rest!

Thanks again!