Hearts of Iron


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Anyone that posts here ever played the game Hearts of Iron........post here with your thoughts on the game.

It did not receive allot of attention when it was released and is not graphically great, But I believe it is a excellent game during the time before WW2 to right after the end of the conflict.
Ive played alot of war games,WW2 is my domain.Clash of steel,combat mission,third reich and many more.
The game has been constantly evolving.It is currently up to patch 1.06,but since 1.05 c it has really come of age.Plus the community itself particulary if youy are a real grognard has made a few modes.Especially the Core mod adds may events.It is no just about one of the only games i play and in my book is the best out there.

Multiplayer is a blast,what other game is there that you can choose and guide and nation in the world from New Zealand (my home) to Norway,Japan etc,and manage politicail,Tech researh,convoys,supplies,it is endless.So far since its release ive never tired of it.Most eploits that players used havenow been fixed,but why use them anyway.

In its latest form 1.06 many players are having trouble surviving as Germany,grand campagin starts from 1936.So the AI is now a real challenge when set to hard
I am a night owl so the possibilty is good that I may see you there sometime..............don't hit the sack til 6am on the east coast here :D
sure ok,im currently 2/3rds of the way through a game core 7.1 which im playing regulary,soon as im done there we shall see what we can do.My usual Kiwi opponent plays about 5 times a week and for about an hr to an hr and a half a night,but goes to bed way to early for me,hehehe
Grand Strategy yes............you control the foreign policy, economy, military, research of your nation.....and you can play as any nation in 1936, nothing like leading greece to world domination hehe. :twisted:

Hearts of Iron is amazing, I occupied the whole Africa with Iraq, (I left the allies and declared war against both the Allies and Axis).

And i once had almost the whole Asia (-soviet) with communist china.

with USA i once took the whole N, S America (excluding: Canada, Cuba, Venezuela & Brasil). :roll:
If you play this game you definately have to download the 1..06 patch. It makes the game allot better with the AI.