Heartbreak Ridge Quotes


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"Improvise, Adapt, Overcome"
-Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway

Lt Ring: What college did you go to, Gunny?
Gunny Highway: Heartbreak Ridge
(Gunny walks away)
Lt. Ring: Heartbreak Ridge? Never heard of that one.

I love this movie, if only for good old Gunny Highway's dialogue.
G/Sgt. Highway: This is the AK-47, the preferred weapon of the enemy. It makes a distinct sound when fired, so remember it.
"We blaze a path into battle for others to follow. Surrender is not in our creed."

" That's true sir. I did have problems with some limp d*cks."
Officer Rhys

"Your gonna pay full price. I dont give any service mans discount!!!"

HW.. " Too bad, your old lady does"

Maj Powers.. "Get on your feet Hghway!!"

HW... " With all due respect sir.. but your beginning to bore the hell outta me"
G/Sgt Highway: Get in there and tell'em who you are

CPL Jones: Hey happen hostages this is Stich Jones, Mr Funkadelic

G/Sgt Highway: Try U.S Marines S :cen: t Head
"So Gunny whats your opinion on this excercise?" MAU CO

" I think its a Cluster :cen: Sir." Highway

"Where did come from Major?" MAU CO

"Recently come over from supply Sir." Powers

"Were you Good at it?" MAU CO

"Yes Sir!" Powers

"Then stick to it. Your a walking cluster :cen: as an infantry officer." MAU CO
G/Sgt. Highway: I hate social functions

Maj/Sgt. Choozoo: You're gonna love it. Youre presence has been requested at the M.A.O. Commanders' open house full military dress

G/Sgt. Highway: Piss on that

Maj/Sgt. Choozoo: You will be there Gunnery Seargant Thomas HIghway. Stand tall, look sharp and wear all your ribbon so that people can see a dumb f*ck hero who isnt' bleeding to death.

G/Sgt. Highway: Let's find the bar.