Happy Valentine's Day


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Do you all have Valentine's Day in Europe?

Got me a Valentine for the first time since I was 12. :lol: I always seem to be single in February, it's a good money-saver. She wants to go to clubs tonight, so that means mucho dinero, something I ain't really used to, seeing as we just go out in the woods and drink for dates where I'm from. And then tip us some bovines. :lol: Just kidding.
One of my room mates asked me where I was taking my g/f to dinner on Saturday.

My reply: The kitchen. :D :lol:
Uhmm, Well, My man bought me silver necklace shaped as a heart..

Dunno, I ain't into stuff like hearts and roses.. :?

Call me unromantic but I prefer just hang out instead of get all love-sick and stuff.

Though I drew him a drawing.. A nice one too..

But Valentine's day is the day I often a day of bad luck for me.

And we are miles apart so we met the weekend that was to spend time with eachother.

Think I will spend time with my best friend on Valentines day instead.

ok so i would be happier if the guy i really like liked me... or if things were the way they used to be w/ him... but dangit, he don't wanna "get attached cause he's goin into the marines" well he does have a point, but still
Dang silverphoenix, remind me to never buy anything for you. :lol: I'm from the school of thought that if it's free, it's good.

Sorry to hear that, CrazyCadet, tell him to shape up or no letters at bootcamp. :lol:

Hey, I'm being lazy here, but I don't have a calender, is Valentine's Day on the 14 or the 17?

see what i was gonna do, just cause i thought it would be fun, was send him a tape player thing (like a walk man, depending what was allowed, i didn't know) and just mail him tapes like 1 time every week or 2 weeks depending... but screw that, i'll just write him letters if we ever really start talkin again
Well they confiscated all of our gear (discmen, walkmen, cell phones, etc.) but if you were lucky you could get it back on Sundays, but the Drill Sergeants were dang near invisible whenever you wanted something like that, but the one time you decide to play Robocop in the barracks with your rubber duck, it was like a DS convention. :lol:

Thanks for the date on Valentine's, that wouldn't have been good if I'd waited till the 17. :lol:
Being the dumbass I am, and with a past g/f, I actually forgot about Valentine's day.

So that morning I bought a box of chocolates and stole a baloon from the store I used to work at. Then I bought her a card at the store SHE worked at. Surprisingly, went off without a single hitch.

Actually this year, I have already gotten a 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo body for my R/C car, and something else that I don't know about. We get paid Friday so I'll worry about finding her something tomorrow.
No no, It's not that I don't like things to get..

But hey, Get me a freakin model car and I am satisfied.. Just not something that is so mushy..

I wouldn't mind geting a stick with other glued on sticks so it looked like a animal..

Just that the guy doesn't give me something that stands for something mushy, I aint like that man.

I prefer "guys" stuff over "girls" stuff..

i think for valentines day i will send Marines to war..

i just got word that i have to send out some Marines out to OIFII

on valentines day .. what a heartless SOB we have in OPS.. well its not just on valetines but the whole weekend.. how very very sad for those families.

"here honey, heres some chocolate and some flowers .. i gotta go kill some bad guys.. be back in a few months"
-Marine off to war on valentines day
Well, It's worth a thought Redneck, But even though, It won't be over to the Valentines day.. :?