Happy Fathers Day

Redleg said:
Thanks.. :)

But it's not fathers day here in Norway now.. :(

You all just need to get Hallmark involved, you'll have "Days" coming out the whazoo. :lol:

Happy fathers' day to all the pappies.
I would like to wish ALL the dads a Happy Father's Day as well...being a father myself I would like to share the happiness of having kids. My father's day was awesome and I didn't even get any big expensive gifts...it was the gifts my boys gave that were right from the heart. IT'S GREAT TO BE A FATHER!! :D
Is that ?

I got to know, learn and understand more about my parents since I left home to live on my own 5 yrs ago.
While you stay home with them you don't have the opportunity to realize how much of them you have actually inherited. How much you do resemble your father or your mother and to what extent you're different from them.