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Well look the one and only air soft shop opend just a few days a go
so i bought a rifle Its Air soft Colt AR-15 made by french Cyber gun.0.5 jules though,its gas propeled,is it a good choise.I ask this cuz i can give it back if needed,but not for long so i ask for your help :roll:
Practise,i'm also in sport marksmanship and this rifle is closest by efect to one i shoot with at my club.And a little bit of paintball and airsoft but there are no airsoft clubs yet so just for practise
hmmm is it a CyberGun DPMS A-15? My friend has one and it seems like a nice one to me. If you don't ike it yourself, see if your store has a Tokyo Mauri XM177. That's one of the best springers!
To uncle sam-retarde samo ocu sa vidim sta misle i da li onaj baja govori istinu :drill:
Sorry folks,had to say something to my friend :lol:
Thanks for tips :lol: