GuyontheRight's Military Trivia!

Thats correct. Speculation has put him as the founder of LOS PEPES, who oposed Pablo Escobar, who was gunned down 10 years ago last week.

New Question to Come tommarow.
Second question: What is the name of Admiral Nimitz's second cousin's dog? You have 2 minutes to answer.

Haha, i kill me.
Question 2

What is the official designation for the new model carbine Heckler and Koch is producing, that might eventually replace the M4?
I give up.. I been looking through lie.. 234235356236 numbers of sites..

And the b*tch is nagging me..

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I give up. I can't find anymore info than a statement of support made by their king and the fact they only have a 400 man fighting force. I can't imagine they would send more than ten people if any.