Guyana and Venezuela

Venezuela claims a huge part of Guyana and is deploying the military to the border region.
Strange how all of Russia's satellite states are stirring up trouble.
This could be a good opportunity for the US to rid South America of a dictator or at least replace a Russian one with one of their own.
Venezuela has claimed the western part of Guyana since they got the independence, but it hasn't done anything until an oil field was found on Guyana's territorial water.

Guyana is a commonwealth country. I wonder if the other commonwealth countries will support Guyana now. The US is deploying forces to Guyana
I honestly can't see Venezuela doing much, looking at maps of the region there are no roads or infrastructure to support an invasion of any size logistically.
It will not be a mechanized war. The Venezuelan soldiers must walk in if they decide to do something stupid
Seem to be talking...