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Hi there, sorry to be late with the introductions, but better late than never. :roll:

As my profile says, I've been in the US Army (Active Reserve and National Guard) for 22 & 1/2 years, most of it in the Field Artillery (no, I don't go all the way back to rifled muzzle loaders, everything was breech loading by the time I arrived). I came into the Army via Basic Training and shortly after that, OCS at Fort Benning. Following that I went to Fort Sill, for FA Officer's Basic and the Survey and Target Acquisition Course. I then served in Germany for 4 years where I learned to love good beer, coffee, German wine and most other things German (except the Greens).

I came off of Active Duty and served in the Army Reserve in Oklahoma with an FA Training Brigade for 3+ years and then moved to California and joined the Army National Guard in the Los Angeles area. 12 years later, I'm still here, less activations for the LA Riots, the Non-Riots, Noble Eagle III (11 months in San Antonio, TX) and training exercises in Japan, Korea and Thailand.

I have experience with cannons (towed and self propelled), missiles (Lance), survey operations (conventional and PADS), FA Radars (TPS-25/58, Q-4 and FIREFINDER), Fire Support, FA Operations, Targeting and Intelligence. I currently run a small detachment that controls the Division Rear Area for the 40th Infantry Division (Mech), but I’ll be Cannoneer until the day I die.

My wife is also in the Army (we met at Fort Sill during FAOBC) and we have one child, our son, who is 7. :D
Welcome to the forum, Sir, I'm sure you'll like it here. :lol:

Congratulations on your son, by the way, Sir.
Welcome Gunner. Funny, you've been here longer than me and I'm telling you "Welcome". Anyway...I currently serve in Oklahoma. To tell you the truth, I love it here.

Welcome Gunner. My son is in Field Artillery stationed in Korea and on his way to Iraq. He's only been in since Jan. but loves the Army. Sounds like you've been around.
I'm a newbie and don't know everybody yet...but I would like to welcome you too Gunner. I'm sure I'll get know everybody pretty well...since I'm planning on sticking around here for a bit. Again, welcome gunner.
Welcome Gunner from another Gunner ;) my husband is also military (as well as myself) he's a mechanic, i'm artillery and we have 1 daughter (15 months) you'll like it here.