Guerrillas kill 10 Iraqi security force members

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BAQUBA, Iraq, Dec 26 (Reuters) - Guerrillas killed 10 members of the
Iraqi security forces in separate attacks north of Baghdad on Monday,
officials said.
In an early morning attack in Buhriz, about 60 km (37 miles) from
Baghdad, guerrillas opened fire on a checkpoint, killing five Iraqi
policemen and wounding three others, police said.
They said six guerrillas were killed when police officers returned
In the village of Dhabab, some 100 km (62 miles) from Baghdad, five
soldiers were killed by gunmen while leaving for work or during their
morning routine, the army said.
Violence in Iraq has surged in the past few days after a lull in
attacks earlier this month during parliamentary elections, partly due to an
informal truce by some Sunni Arab insurgent groups and strict security
measures at the time.
On Friday, guerrillas stormed an army post, killing 10 soldiers and
wounding 20.