Grrr - Account Trouble



Okay Admins, I tried to change my e-mail, but in my old age of glory - added an account that I've let become inactivated. If possible, could one of you delete this account and restore the account under RnderSafe, if not, then a heads up on the new name. 'Preciate it.
Ok, I'll reactivate it now.
I'm using the e-mail adress in this account..
Sorry, but you account seems to be MIA... :?

All of your old posts are still here, they are listed as guest posts, but with the name RnderSafe..

You can register again as RnderSafe if you want.
PM me with the amount of MilBucks, gear and privilegies you had, and I'll give you a refund.. :D

Sorry about the trouble, but strange things happens here sometime..
Appreciate the help Redleg, for all my abilities .. sometimes the simpliest things elude me, like message boards and programing a VCR timer, getting the cheats to work properly on XBOX games. :D
RnderSafe is back in action..

I'll delete, the Deleted" account then...

Sorry about the trouble.
Do you want a MilBucks refund? :D
Nah, don't worry about the milbucks .. I'll re-earn them by making ultra witty and profund posts. :lol: