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Hi all,

I'm 38 years old male, and mainly of dutch descent, living across the water here in New Zealand.

My family, historically, has been a pretty warmongering lot. Our family name even arose from a war. Before being paid in the Napoleonic wars you had to have a surname, so they made one up on the spot.

Since then all descendants were armed forces or police, but now like me some are doing other things, I'm a computer technician / administrator. They have all been big mothers too, I have the dubious distinction of being the only adult male carrying our surname who is under 6ft tall!

I have a cousin who was flying a F14 for Dutch airforce, cool!

Oh,and my stepfather was a translator at the Nuremburg trials, and as he was a race driver he was also McArthurs chauffeur, again cool!!

Anyway, due to all this, and my fathers WW2 stories I have always had an interest in most things military. I love the feel of a pistol in my hand, and have played around with small arms quite a bit (no pun jokes please).

Unforunately the only action I get is simulated on computer games. Mainly Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat etc. There is usually a complete lack of real coordination in these games, few battles reach the full potential of strategy etc. intended by the designers.

I look forward to a few good debates here, and some laughs!

Cheers, Lazza.
Re: NZ

bush musketeer said:
welcome Lazza. I hope you have a good time on the forum.

Are you on the north or south island of NZ?

Thanks Musky!
I'm on the South Island, about 45deg south, its getting cold now. Winters here and skiing starts soon.
Italian Guy said:
Hey welcome to the forum, Dutch Kiwi! Is that from Zealand to New Zealand or what ?

Hiya. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Yep that'd be a Dutch Kiwi. I was born here but 90% of our population are from somewhere else (originally).