Green Jelly Bean Flights

Mark Conley

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At one time at a remote site I was at, married service members were intitled to what the troops called a Green Jelly Bean Flight, or a flight to home visit from a long term overseas short tour, for morale purposes. Since the man was usally married, and had big kids at home, the custom was to give the man a large bag of green jelly beans, (or M&Ms, skittles, ect as long as the color was green) and a sheet of instructions for their use. Mine was worded as follows:

For extra time alone with the wife:

1. Arrive home.

2. Show kids the bag of candy.

3. Open the bag, and scatter candy throughout the grass.

4. Go spend a few moments alone with mom.

5. Pray they arent fast searchers.... :D
If your outta luck they'll not only find them fast but eat them too fast. Ahh, the sweet sound of your kids on the other side of the bedroom door:"Mummy, Daddy, my tummy hurts" :twisted:
simple rememdy is make sure you get a plane which lands whlie its dark, so they you go outside and "accidently" spill the lollies lol