Greatest City in the World

Which is your favourite World City (Apart from your own home town)

  • Washington

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  • Rome

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  • San Francisco

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  • Paris

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  • Los Angeles

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  • Bath

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  • Vancouver

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Every city we visit, we make our perceptions about, there are some cities which make a tremendous mark on you and leave you remembering your visit for the rest of your life. These are the cities I am asking you to vote for. Can you abstain from voting for your own home cities. Feel free to add cities which aren't on the list as well.
I've only been to two cities on that list, LA and San Francisco, and I can tell you LA would not win. Not a very nice place.

San Franciso has some cool things though. The curviest windiest street in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz. I was only there for 3 days but I thought it was pretty cool. (I stayed well away from the hippies and queers, just so you know)
Gotta be Rome, Of course England had the better museums and such, but rome was like one huge artifact...with lots of happy people. Gotta be Rome.

I had to go with Washington, the capital of the most powerful country in the world, and all of our government buildings are located there, I was mad because I had to pass up a trip to Washington, a chance to meet the President, and a chance to visit all the memorials because I was a Junior Groomsman in my uncle's wedding.
Out of ALL the cities you have listed...the only one that I've been to unfortunately was LA. That was indeed an interesting city. I never realized how huge it was till I went there to visit a good friend of mine in the service.
Mmmmmmmm it's something like comparing apples to bananas... how can I compare Rome to Vancouver?
I know Vancouver's the best place in the world. Rome's got a leftwing mayor so I'll drop it even if I love it. L.A. I got buddies here and I love that one too...
How cant you love Washington, the heart of the West ?

I honestly can't say. If forced to vote, I would say Vancouver though ( and done so ). Thanks Mark for your vote, makes me feel a little less guilty ;)
I voted Washington, but without a doubt the Houston, San Antonio, and Fortworth/Dallas own all the others. :cowb:
I say NYC. Got more history than Washington. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are up there. The World Trade Centers WERE there...
What makes Vancouver so great? I never hear much about it, other than the fact that a lot of people from Hong Kong fled to Vancouver once China took control.
I'm living in "deep south" Georgia right now, but I am originally from right outside Chicago... best city in my book. I would like to see a few others on that list though

I voted New York...I've been there a couple of times...people are constantly rushing, on the move...up all night (like me), love to kind of city...:wink: