Great additions..


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Some great additions there. That Hexxagon game is devilishly addictive. Thanks for giving something to bide my time with.
Glad to hear that you like the Arcade.

I have a lot more games to add.

There are also some more great options.
It can give 1 MilBucks pr X points, and in that way reward good players.
And it's also possible to give X MilBucks for beating the Highscore.

I'm also thinking about monthly or bi-weekly competitions in the different games, with MilBucks rewards to the best players.
Acerbus said:
That Hexxagon game is devilishly addictive.

I wonder who has the highscore??? :D

And you're right. It's dangerously addictive...
I have to admit!

Great additions, and addicitve games. :?

Where is the one you can play poker with a stripper? :oops:

Oooops, Did I say that? :shock:

Well.. Anyways, A little reminder, Of how little things there are for me to buy with the milbucks..

I know I don't have much milbucks, But dude, That is my own fault. :roll:

It would be a good idea to buy some weapons for the milbucks. :)

But that was just an idea of what I was thinking when trying to find something of interest.

Can anyone explain the thing about the COH thing on the females side. :?

Because I didnt get anything out of it, err, I am blonde, So maybe that is the problem.

I dunno..

The COH thing is a direct translation from Norwegian
"Øverst Kommanderende Hjemme" ØKH...

It's the name we (Army) use for our girlfriends, wifes etc....
Because they are the real "Commanding Officers" at home..... :?
Poor you, Redleg..

Having a Cmmanding officer at home. :P

I only have a boyfriend that even couldnt do what he was told when he trained for military.

He saw this chic, and she saw him, and they had some fun inside the military vehicle. :evil:

I wasn't together with him at this time.

But I told him what a good soldier he would be..

Go around looking for the girls..

I was rather pissed off at this discussion though.

The training is to defend Sweden against attacks.

Not to get a number in one of the military vehicles..

Stupid men... haha..

Well well, They say in Russia that girls is a dangerous weapon.

Hehe. :twisted:
How the heck do you play those games? I just sit there and stare at it till I die :lol: .
But what's that? Somebody whooped some heiny on Breakout? Wow, they most be awesome :wink: . Just kidding.
Nice job Redleg, the forum's looking really slick.