Gov VS Camel

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A little background info...
Where I'm currently at we have all of the branches on base but most of our funny stuff happens with the Army. I work in the Command Post so everything that happens on base comes through us so we can make notifications to Commanders and appropriate personnel. This often involves waking sleeping Commanders up.

One evening we get a phone call from our security forces saying that there was an accident off base and did we know if there was an anthropologist on base. We proceeded to ask why and were informed that some Army personnel were traveling between camps in areas they weren't supposed to be and managed to hit a camel. Not only did they hit the camel but they managed to hit it hard enough to where the huge beast was on top of the hum-v. They had called our security forces in hopes of finding someone that would come remove the animal from off of their vehicle. We politely told them that since they hit it they could remove it. After removing the animal they discovered that they had totalled the hum-v. I dont know what happened to the poor unfortunate souls but I can imagine it wasn't good.
they prolly totalled the V the same way a girl i know totalled her car, she ran it UP a pine tree, it scraped the underside of the car to all hell!!
You know those new Volkswagon Beetles (or bugs, I'm not sure what they're actually called)? I was driving my Mom's when I was home for awhile and nailed a dog, because of the shape of the car, it slipped right up the hood, across the windshield, and winged right over the open moonroof. I've hit a lot of things in my truck, but I've never actually had something go over the top of a vehicle I was driving before. :lol:

How much does a camel weight, anyway? Must be pretty hefty to total one of those humvees. That had to have been exciting to be in the vehicle. :lol:
Can't say I have ever seen camel hit by a hmmwv before i bet that was an interesting site to see. I have however been in a five ton that ran completely over a Rav-4 in Kosovo (the un people drove those around). That was an interesting experience as well, driving over a vehicle is always fun though.