Got a question about force recon


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I read on a website that you can only stay in the marine force recon for 5 years with a possible 2 year extension. Is this true. Also can yall tell me what is better. The force recon, green berets, navy seals, or rangers.
Let me rephrase the second part. Which group gets the most action
:lol: I'd rethink the second part of your question, that is definitely a can of worms you do not want to open.
Sfdude35, you also need to rethink your screen name, ie, change it. Unless you've gone through the steps and training to qualify you to claim SF, you have no right what so ever to assume a name that implies the title. Have a little respect.
It used to be that way, but if I remember correctly, the Marines created a Recon MOS a couple of years ago speciffically to allow Marines to stay in the Recon community. You may want to check over at and see if they can help you out.
I know, he likes SF, so what, my name is SemperFi! and im not a Marine...yet.. But i want to be. Whats wrong with showing that you like something? Im sure he knows hes not SF and im sure he has respect for them. I have tons of respect for Marines. And evryone else in the military for that matter. Thats kinda critizing him for a little thing.
I'll allow usernames like that, as long as the profile information is correct!
(as long as the name isn't too bad..)
SemperFi, when you've gone through what it takes to become an SF soldier, then you can lecture on what the title is worth. Men die for it, it's not just some cool logo to use because you "really like" something. In the military we have an issue with those that represent themselves to be something they are not.

My advice to the young man stands.
I agree with you RnderSafe, and I have adviced SFdude to update his profile now.

But I'll still allow usernames like this, as long as the member does not pretend to be someone he/she isn't..

But this is getting a bit off-topic now....
So what do you define as the most action? Marine Recon think about what Recon means. If your looking for lots of adventure check out the Rangers. Now I said check them out and evaluate yourself in an honest manner. Don't think being a Ranger comes easy. The physical requirements to even qualify are extremely difficult. Just saying you are going to be a Ranger does not make it happen. For the next several years there will be a huge demand for MP's, Infantry, Rangers and Airborne. I would recommend narrowing your search and going from there. It is also best if you are single during this period. Trust me the stress of being away from loved ones is harder than the job at hand.

My freinds brother is Recon, but i don't know how much he makes as recon. He's a corporal. And what do u guys do besides kick a** and walk along side with the Seals.